My Writing

Emo poetry for Jesus Christ.


I look for divinity
as it watches me
Prying bars from the window of your chest
and taking you back to where flies swarm my bed
Is Jesus in the room?
Clutch my cross
Feel the hot love
of his voyeuristic view


Heaven above all else
Little blue circles
And I never came down

I understand why Siddhartha starved
and why I never slept
Further from human is closer to god


I'll take guillotines, I'll take flowers
For Love and Death
For "That which the pistol holder requires"

I want you
I'll consume you
I'll be consumed
And again

I feel the fangs tearing into me
The blade on my neck
The bullet in my skull
When you pull the trigger and say the words

Lie down
Wrap your arms around me
Pull tight the sheets of my bodybag